Acaya Golf Club


the first golf course in Salento

Located in the magnificent territory of Salento, immersed in a verdant landscape embellished with olive trees from the surrounding countryside, is the Acaya Golf Club , one of the most suggestive golf courses in Italy.

The course winds through  18 holes , some of which are really very beautiful and with  spectacular characteristic elements , such as the breathtaking waterfall between hole 11 and hole 12, which make it unique in its kind. Created by the famous American studio  Hurdzan&Fry , the course measures  6,192 meters  and the  par  is set at  71, technical characteristics that make it a suitable course for both professional golfers and amateurs who want to put themselves to the test. The variety of the design, in the constant search for the perfect harmony between the natural characteristics of the terrain and the way of hitting, urges players to use all fourteen clubs in the bag, offering a varied and exciting challenge that does not exclude twists and turns.

For the grass of the fairways,  an American bermuda from seed was chosen, strong and compact even in the lowest cuts, which takes into account the climatic variables of Salento and which guarantees excellent surface floating of the ball for a clean and clear shot; on the sides of the fairways a mixture of four types of fescue was sown to be left undulating at natural height.  

For the  greens, a mixture of stoloniferous palustris agrostids  was selected   in the two varieties of A4 and A1: a composition that boasts about twice as many stems in the turf brush compared to the common penncross. 


Over 1,500 sprinklers  , for a capillary and diversified water distribution that guarantees the grass a  calibrated supply, divided up so as to reduce any hypothesis of overdose and waste. For the management and conservation of the water, a complex system of lakes and streams was built  , with the recirculation of the collected waters and their natural oxygenation through a system of small waterfalls: the aim was not to disperse the collection of rainwater and store them, suitably filtered, for re-use in periods of greatest need. This impressive work of hydraulic engineering will provide the customer with a very pleasant soundtrack and a series of lateral obstacles along nine of the eighteen holes.


It is a course  strongly characterized by the wind  with which you have to “golfingly” live with, almost as if it were a Scottish links and according to the art of which the English remain masters, adapting directions and parabola height in order to exploit its drifts while enjoying the game intelligence that the wind – defined by a great architect of the past as “the most important and fascinating of the hazards” – makes them full of charm.


From the point of view of the game, one of the principles pursued was to create a field that constituted an appropriate and fair playing field for  all levels of play , professional or amateur, of men, women and juniors. Therefore, preserve the egalitarian approach of golf, which is one of the historical principles of the “democratic” system of handicaps, and make the player use all fourteen irons and woods he carries in his bag.

  •  Designer: Hurdzan-Fry
  •  18 holes
  •  Restaurant: yes
  •  Hotel – Resort: Yes
  •  Pro Shop: yes