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Good manners on the green in the days of Covid-19

Getting used to all these new rules will be a bit tricky, at least at first, but the important thing is to get back into the game! … Read More

Have you ever played golf at midnight?

Have you ever played golf at midnight?
Playing golf in the middle of the night? What madness! How do you play at midnight when you can’t even see an inch from your nose? Do you fill the field with spotlights? Do you play in the dark, with all that goes with it? No, impossible. … Read More

Bill Murray, the caddie who catches ghosts

When it comes to American comedy, Bill Murray is one of the first names that come to mind. The (no longer) kids of the 1980s remember him mostly as Dr. Peter Venkman, ghostbuster. Golf addicts, however, immediately think of his … Read More

18 holes in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains

Adventurous golf addicts are not looking for new golf courses: they are looking for adventures, for experiences to tell. For them, for you reading this, there is nothing better than a round in the Rocky Mountains. Here the wilderness and the orderly beauty of the greens come together, resulting in an experience that goes far beyond just a passion for golf. … Read More

Golf heaven is in Mauritius

The Mauritius Islands-or simply Mauritius-are the dream of anyone who loves crystal clear seas and beaches as far as the eye can see. There are only two seasons here, at least by our standards: spring and summer. This, along with the great golf culture that permeates the place, makes Mauritius the perfect vacation destination for a golf addict. … Read More

The Riviera Country Club, the temple of old Hollywood

The Riviera Country Club is still one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the United States and a true legend. Between the 1930s and 1960s, it was indeed frequented by the great film personalities of the time. Today, although competition has increased, it remains a golf club frequented by prominent personalities. What is his story? … Read More

For Viktor Hovland, the PGA Tour is on the road

Anyone who has to travel at this time knows how uncomfortable it can be to take a plane right now. In the United States, the situation is even worse, as the acute phase of the Covid-19 emergency is still ongoing. It should come as little surprise, then, that some people rely on alternative means of transportation.

Like golfer Viktor Hovland, who is following the PGA Tour by car. … Read More

Cypress Point Club: paradise has only 250 seats

Cypress Point is any golfer’s impossible dream, the Everest of golf addicts-a peak too high for most of us. In fact, it is one of the most exclusive and beautiful golf clubs in the world. Its 250 seats are reserved for prominent politicians, businessmen, and movie stars. There is very little room left for anyone else, and unfortunately, all we can do is look at the photos and dream. … Read More

Who are the most beautiful female golfers in the world?

After looking at the most handsome men in golf, let’s also give some attention to the most beautiful women golfers in the world. As in the case of male colleagues, in fact, constant exercise is a panacea for both swing … Read More

Jim Dent’s journey from outcast to champion

Jim Dent was one of the first black Professionals. Throughout his career he has had to struggle not only with the typical demons of the aspiring golfer, but also with racial segregation. Here’s how he did it. … Read More

Michael Jordan: after basketball, he conquers golf

You don’t become Michael Jordan-or Tiger Woods or Mozart, for that matter-without a good dose of obsession. In his heyday, Jordan lived with the basketball in his hands, and that was also why he excelled. He stopped pulling almost only to do physical training in the gym. … Read More

Who are the most beautiful golfers in the world?

Who are the most beautiful golfers in the world? Deciding who the best golfers in the world are is a mere matter of numbers: number of wins; average distances achieved with drivers and woods; number of birdies per round… When … Read More

With Justin Timberlake, golf is getting “greener”

That Justin Timberlake is an avid golf addict has been known for years now. The artist has cultivated a love of green since he was a child, and he has done so quite literally, if we look at his history. Indeed, it has given birth to one of the most eco-friendly golf courses in existence, a veritable temple for lovers of the game and nature. … Read More

In Dubai, golf is also played in the desert

Dubai is now a destination for all those who love entertainment, luxury tourism, and nightlife. More than a city, it is a glittering oasis in the desert in the most literal sense. What about golf? For the past few years, Dubai has also become a pilgrimage destination for golf addicts from around the world. How? … Read More

Clint Eastwood: even cowboys play golf.

Clint Eastwood’s most well-known things? The wide range of expressions (with hat and without hat) and the love of golf. The now legendary actor and director has in fact been a golf addict since he was a kid in Oakland. When he was 12 or 13 years old, he started working as a caddie, and it was love at first sight. … Read More

From basketball to golf: the strange story of Gary Woodland

According to the Official World Golf Ranking, Gary Woodland is the 19th ranked golfer in the world. In 2019, he made us dream with a stunning performance at the U.S. Open, which earned him his first win in a Major. Yet, Gary’s first love is not golf.
Gary Woodland was born as a basketball player and this is his strange story.
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From basketball to golf: the strange story of Gary Woodland

According to the Official World Golf Ranking, Gary Woodland is the 19th ranked golfer in the world. In 2019, he made us dream with a stunning performance at the U.S. Open, which earned him his first win in a Major. Yet, Gary’s first love is not golf.

Gary Woodland was born as a basketball player, and this is his strange story. … Read More

Golf ball tees you buy at Tiffany’s

There are golf tees in all shapes and materials. Looking for economic support? Here are the plastic tees? Do you wish for something environmentally friendly? Orient yourself to bamboo tees, 100% biodegradable. But what if you are looking for something luxurious and exclusive? In this case, you buy the golf tees at Tiffany’s. … Read More

Jon Rahm, aka the Caravaggio of golf

Twenty-five-year-old Jon Rahm became the second Spaniard in PGA Tour history to touch the top: first in classic, best Professional in the world. Will it be due to a cool mind, tempered by hard practice and hours on the green, as in the case of Brooks Koepka? Not really. … Read More

The world’s most beautiful locker rooms are at Seminole Golf Club

We have seen some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, yet we have always overlooked one detail: the locker rooms. In fact, no one is eager to enter Morfontaine or Cypress Point just to see the locker rooms. Those are just a transition area, a place to change shoes and get ready. … Read More

In Vietnam, golf is played between sea and mountains

We do not know when the emergency will return. When it happens, on the other side of the world you will find fields nestled between white beaches and mountains, surrounded by endless expanses of tropical forest. … Read More

Muirfield and the company of gentleman golfers

The history of the Muirfield Golf Course goes hand in hand with that of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, one of the oldest golf associations of which we have evidence. The green meadows of Muirfield were in fact the last stop on an incredible journey that lasted more than a century. … Read More

Till death do you part.” Why get married on (and with) a golf course

You met after your canonical 18 holes. You stayed for hours chatting at the golf club bar, comparing each other’s techniques. Eventually you promised to meet there again, this time to play together. Now you are ready for the most important tee time of your life, and it would be nice to relive the atmosphere of that first meeting.
Can you do that? Is it possible to get married on a golf course?
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Shadow Creek, or how to make the desert bloom.

The Nevada desert is a place of great fascination, in which nature shows its wildest and most inhospitable side. Not exactly the right place in which to play golf, it would seem. Against all odds and against all logic, however, there is someone who has succeeded in the feat. More: that he managed to recreate a grass golf course in the middle of the desert. … Read More

What are the most expensive golf courses ever built?

In Europe, building an 18-hole golf course costs between €2 million and €7 million. Much depends on the size of the field, the work to be done on the ground, as well as the end result you want to achieve. Needless to point out that a zero should be added for certain places.
Sometimes more than one.
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Tasmania, greens come to life amid dunes of land and water

Australia is one of the countries in the world with the most golf courses per person, many of them concentrated in Tasmania. On this island made of rocks, salt and water, golf is in fact one of the most popular sports along with cricket and sand field hockey. Above all, it is a way to admire incredible glimpses of nature. … Read More

The hard struggle for the lands of Erin Hills.

The Erin Hills Golf Course has a history as bizarre as it is sad. In fact, it was born from the dream of an American entrepreneur, Robert Lang. Over the years, the man has amassed quite a fortune and now wants to use it to realize a grand plan: a golf course of his own. Too bad things are not going as planned. … Read More

How many calories are burned by playing golf

Golf is a head sport with, however, a strong physical component that is often underestimated. In this article we will see how many calories are burned by playing golf, even if only in spans. In fact, remember that the amount of energy spent on an activity also depends on your weight and the amount of lean mass.
In any case, let’s start by getting an idea. … Read More

A 24-karat gold golf ball.

After seeing Tiffany’s silver tees, 24-karat gold golf balls could not be missed. Just as in the case of tees, we are talking about objects born more for living rooms at home than for the green. Nevertheless, there is nothing to stop you from taking a gold golf ball to the course and seeing what happens.

At your own risk, of course. … Read More

In the Nullarbor plain there is nothing. If not a golf course

All right, let’s admit that it is quite unfair to say that in the Nullarbor plain there is nothing at all. However, it must be admitted that the sight is impressive in its barrenness: miles and miles of sandy soil, interrupted only by small shrubs and yellow grass. No trees, wildlife that can kill you with a bite. … Read More