Carimate Golf Club

Golf Club Carimate

The club on a human scale

In years in which the idea of ​​golf was still closely linked to the image of an Anglo-Saxon world , the Carimate Golf Club was born,  all under the banner of Italian design  which in those years was beginning to make itself known throughout the world. In fact, Piero Mancinelli was called to design the pitch, while Guido Veneziani and Vico Magistretti were commissioned to design the club house.

Mancinelli, a Roman engineer who plays golf, writes and designs about it with mastery, cuts out the route by adapting to the unevenness of the land, to the housing project that is developing, to the times of construction “in stages” and draws a field that over time confirms the its uniqueness.
Magistretti and Veneziani designed a club house that has nothing of an English cottage or a country house: in fact, a white volume is born that follows the lay of the land, with windows and cuts that frame the landscape and the large trees of the  park  .
And it’s right at the  restaurant which opens onto what was originally hole 1 which Magistretti dedicates particular attention to because it is here that the “Carimate” chair produced by Cassina was born and which will become a classic of Italian design.

  •  Designer: Piero Mancinelli
  •  18 holes
  •  Restaurant: yes
  •  Hotel – Resort: No
  •  Pro Shop: yes

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