For Andy Garcia, green is the color of love

Andy Garcia is one of the undisputed gentlemen of contemporary cinema, most memorable in “The Untouchables.” Golf addicts will also remember him for many other memorable performances at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am tournament in which he regularly participates. Garcia is indeed a passionate Amateur, who has found golf to be one of his great loves.

1968, the year passion ignites

Unlike other actors, such as Bill Murray or Clint Eastwood, Andy Garcia does not approach golf by working as a caddie.

It is 1968, Andy Garcia is 12 years old, and these are the years of “Arnie’s Armie,” Arnold “Arnie” Palmer’s “army” dedicated to golf and philanthropy. Many young people in Miami Beach have gotten caught up in this sudden golf fever , and Andy is one of them. Together with some friends, he set aside some money, to buy a first set that was a little bit crude but functional.

The latest group of young golf addicts play a little bit wherever they happen to be, just as the early Scottish golfers did. They usually make do at the park, where they have created a real miniature camp. Instead of holes they use sticks that act as miniature doors. Children’s playground sand, on the other hand, is perfect for bunkers. When it happens, they slip into a real golf course not far away, but it is quite risky.

Past the summer of ’68, Andy discovers other sports and forgets for golf. For some 20 years, at least. In 1985, in fact, his friend Richard Bradford suggested they play together. At first Andy Garcia hesitates: will he remember how to hit the ball? Accept anyway.

It only takes a couple of holes to knock the rust off the irons and rekindle the embers of golf addiction.

On the green everything is more beautiful

It may not have been love at first sight, butAndy Garcia’s love for golf is deep and sincere. In an interview with Today’s Golfer, he says, “I love everything about golf.” He goes on to list everything he prefers about life on the green, from the joy of challenging himself to simply walking outdoors.

Andy Garcia does not deny the difficulties of golf, partly because it would not be possible. Anyone who has ever tried the sport knows how challenging-and even a little nerve-racking-some holes can be. Yet, Andy Garcia claims he has never had a “bad day” on the golf course. In a way, for him playing golf is like acting.

Both golf and acting are intense, highly meditative experiences. In the time of 18 holes or a movie, find out how a person thinks and how they approach the world. Sometimes, you also see negative sides that at other times he would have kept hidden or, conversely, strengths that everyday life does not do justice to.

That is why golf and movies are often the incipit of lifelong friendships. At least according to Andy Garcia.

How not to bring so much love to television as well?

Although he has not starred in golf-themed films as Will Smith or Bill Murray have, Andy Garcia has lent his voice to a golf-themed documentary. On November 28, 2019, Thanksgiving Day, FOX Sports and the USGA launched “2019 U.S. Open: Woodland Peaks at Pebble Beach.”

The documentary follows Gary Woodland during that year’s U.S. Open, tracing with him the path that led him to victory. The film also shows the champion in private settings while at home with his wife and children. In addition, the broadcaster interviewed Woodland’s friends and relatives for the occasion, asking them about the good and not-so-good times they have experienced over the years.

Topping it all off is the wonderful voice of Andy Garcia, who serves as narrator and accompanies us throughout the journey.

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