Golf ball tees you buy at Tiffany’s

There are golf tees in all shapes and materials. Looking for economic support? Here are the plastic tees? Do you wish for something environmentally friendly? Orient yourself to bamboo tees, 100% biodegradable. But what if you are looking for something luxurious and exclusive? In this case, you buy the golf tees at Tiffany‘s.

Handcrafted sterling silver

One of Tiffany’s collections is called Everyday Objects and consists of just that: everyday objects transformed into works of art. All the pieces in the collection reproduce seemingly mundane objects that we are used to using and throwing away soon after. There are boxes and paper cups, clothespins and straws.

The only difference from the originals? They are all handmade objects, using fine materials such as silver, ceramics, leather, and wood.

Of course, among so many everyday items, there could be no shortage of golf-themed items. Specifically, the collection includes a luxurious sterling silver tee marked “Tiffani&Co. 925.” 925 stands for thesterling silver from which the tee is made, which is a silver alloy to which 7.5 percent copper is added.

Sterling silver is more durable than pure silver and can withstand any beatings without unmolding. It’s not necessarily a good idea to use it on the green, though: beyond the all too real risk of losing it, such a tee is easily ruined. That is why it is primarily a designer display object, just like the silver clothespins the walnut yo-yos.

The “cheap” silver alternatives

Tiffany’s silver tee is made more for the living room than the green. That doesn’t mean you have to give up the thrill of using fancy tees while you play, whether it’s to impress friends or just for personal satisfaction.

Of course, it is true that you always do it at your own risk (or rather, at the tee’s risk), but at least you do not risk throwing away hundreds of euros at once. Indeed, there are silver tees that are cheaper and, more importantly, sturdier than the one made by Tiffany. Unlike the latter, they are made of wood or tempered glass. Silver is used only to plate the tee.

Online you can find a large number of alternatives, suitable for a little bit of every budget. The first ones Google points us to are Golfer’s Pal’s vintage tees, sold on Ebay in cases of six. If these do not appeal to you, you can browse dozens of jewelry stores that offer such items for a few tens of euros.

Why not gold tees?

Why settle for silver when you can go for gold? Tiffany does not propose anything along these lines, unfortunately. To be fair, it is difficult to find solid gold tees like the silver counterpart, probably because of the price and delicacy of the material. In fact, all available products are gold-plated, but with a core made of wood or another metal.

Perhaps the most luxurious gold-plated tee is from Elite Luxury Gold Plating, available along with the matching ball. You can buy either the 18-karat gold version or the more delicate and expensive 24-karat gold version. Otherwise, there is the Goldgenie set, which the manufacturer says is used by stars at the world’s most exclusive golf clubs.

Despite what manufacturers say, remember that gold and silver are not the most suitable materials on the green. You risk moisture, soil, and blows ruining the plating and in doing so the design of the object. If you’re not worried about it, however, such a tee will help you stand out on the course of any golf club.

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