Golf heaven is in Mauritius

The Mauritius Islands-or simply Mauritius-are the dream of anyone who loves crystal clear seas and beaches as far as the eye can see. There are only two seasons here, at least by our standards: spring and summer. This, along with the great golf culture that permeates the place, makes Mauritius the perfect vacation destination for a golf addict.

Would you like to play 365 days a year?

There are times of year when it is more difficult to play golf outdoors, if not downright impossible: snow and rain make the experience more uncomfortable, so much so that only hard-core golf addicts remain on the course. Where temperatures are more inclement, golf clubs even prefer to close their outdoor courses and reopen in warm weather.

In Mauritius, this problem does not arise.

Imagine a place where you can play outside all year round without having to worry about ice and cold weather. The temperature always hovers around 20-25°C, the sky is clear, and the air smells salty. In such a place, the real crime would be to lock oneself in the practice fields and give up 18 holes among friends.

This is the way Mauritius is made. Whatever time of year you decide to visit, you can be sure that you will find the perfect temperature for playing golf. The only problem? Between January and March there is a risk of running into some cyclones, as in all areas close to the equator. In return, the place is the perfect destination for warm-weather, golf-focused Christmas vacations.

You play golf and the rest is taken care of by others

The golf courses in Mauritius are almost all embedded in luxury resorts, complete with really everything. When you book a stay at one of these places, you’re not just booking a golf vacation. Book a vacation of golf, sports in general, relaxation, good food, wellness…

The island’s mild climate is one of the best for outdoor physical activity: it’s warm enough to be outside without covering up too much; it’s cool enough not to risk heat stroke in the middle of a jog. After or before golf, then, you can go for a swim or hike in the lush nature. To recover from so much fatigue, a trip to the spa and a gourmet dinner await you in the evening.

Such a vacation would be a dream for anyone, not just golfers. Of course, golf addicts are also lucky enough to tread among the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

Imagine waiting for your tee time looking out over the boundless expanse of theocean, inhaling the scent of salt spray. Each time you hit the ball, it plunges into an immense blue sky and falls back onto expanses of emerald grass. In the evening, when your muscles ache pleasantly from exertion, you can lie outside and stargaze until fatigue invites you to go to bed.

Is it or is it not heaven?

A culture now 100 years old

Golf is an integral part of Mauritius’ culture, not just a pastime for tourists. In fact, the first golf course dates back to 1844 and is a legacy of British colonialism. To pass the time, Royal Navy officers had a course built near Vacoas, the present Gymkhana Golf Club.

British colonialism met its end, the love affair between golf and Mauritius did not. Today there are ten 18-hole courses and three 9-hole courses; no small feat considering we are talking about an island. A small island in the middle of the ocean, now an essential destination for anyone who wants to indulge their passion for golf and fine living.

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