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In Europe, building an 18-hole golf course costs between €2 million and €7 million. Much depends on the size of the field, the work to be done on the ground, as well as the end result you want to achieve. Needless to say, for places like Seminole Golf Club or Mirimichi Golf Course you often have to add a zero. Yet, there are golf courses that have gone much further.

Which golf courses cost the most to build? Above all, will it really be worth it?

Shadow Creek – $60 million

Compared with the figures we will see below, the $60 million spent to make Shadow Creek may seem almost small. However, one must also consider the year of construction of the golf course, which opened in 1989. The $60 million at the time corresponds to about $200 million today, so a respectable figure.

Shadow Creek is located in the middle of the Nevada desert, in a place that would seem suitable only for fields like the Coober Pedy Opal Fields. In this hell of sand, not a single blade of grass grows, and the only vegetables are the scattered yellow bushes that pop up here and there. Nevertheless, architect Tom Fazio has managed to make the desert bloom.

In spite of the fascinating desolation that surrounds it, Shadow Creek is rich in grass and vegetation. To make this possible, it was necessary to change the course of several rivers and alter the structure of the land. No wonder it was for years the most expensive golf course ever built.

Liberty National – $250 million

In 2006, Liberty National Golf Club snatched the record for the world’s most expensive golf course from Shadow Creek. In fact, this monumental work cost about $250 million, all to give only the best to the creme de la creme of society.

Club membership includes transfers from New York to the golf course, of course on a fully equipped private yacht. Those suffering from seasickness can also rent a helicopter, a quicker and also more impactful solution. Once he has finished playing, the indoor spa and restaurant await him.

Needless to deny it: 250 million investment is a lot, but Liberty National Golf Club has recouped it all. Its members include the likes of Justin Timberlake, who is willing to pay $374,000 for the application fee.

Trump National – $264 million

Liberty National’s record lasted very little: 2006 also saw the second opening of the Trump National Golf Course, which was closed for two years due to renovations. Over the course of these months, the golf course has grown from 15 to 18 holes, further driving up the already considerable construction costs.

The first negotiations to build the Trump National Golf Course date back to 1989, while actual work began in 1998. The course first opened in 2000 with 15 holes, only to close in 2004 due to the above work.

The entire ballet is estimated to have cost about $264 million, much of which was not originally planned. In fact, the golf course stands on a layer of sedimentary rock that made it much more difficult to complete the work. Not to mention that the 18th hole cost $61 alone, earning it the title of the most expensive hole in golf history.

Trump Golf Links – $269 million

One can see that building the most expensive golf course in the world was not enough for Trump, as he broke his own record in 2015. The Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point is to date the most expensive golf course ever built. For the time being, at least.

The work took 20 years and the total cost amounted to $269 million. On the other hand, as you play you can enjoy the Manhattan skyline against the backdrop of links drawn by Jack Nicklaus. If this is not a good investment this is…

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