In Spain, you reach the golf course by jet

In these times, there is no such thing as too much security. Also on the golf course. Golf addicts around the world are devising ever-new ways to respect social distancing without sacrificing the magic of the green. What to do when your favorite golf course isn’t within driving distance, though?

Reserva Sotogrande Golf Resort has found a solution to this problem as well: a package with a stay at the resort, access to the golf course, and a private jet to fly to Spain. Covid-19 proof.

Safety can never be too much

Moving by plane has become a problem, and not only for those who are afraid of flying. Although airlines are doing everything they can to minimize the risk of contagion, flying still means stepping into a closed box full of strangers. In addition, airports are transit areas for people from all over the world, which poses an additional risk.

All this is prompting many golf addicts to forgo their favorite destinations when they are in another country. Reserva Sotogrande Golf Resort has found the solution: offering a private jet included in the price.

For only 5,000 euros, the golf club offers a comprehensive, Covid-19-proof treatment:

swab before departure;

departure from private terminals, both outward and return;

travel on a private jet;

Immediate transfer to one of the resort cottages.

In this way, contact with other people is minimal and it is ensured-as far as possible-that the resort is Covid-free.

A small community of golf addicts

Reserva Sotogrande is a luxury golf resort that caters to golf lovers seeking the best of the best. In this light, the package including private jet is anything but strange: it juxtaposes with a number of exclusive services of the same tenor. These even include lovely cottages for sale, for those who want to live as much as possible between the sea and golf.

In fact, La Reserva Sotogrande was born in the shadow of a kind of golf addict community. In the 1960s, Colonel Joseph Mc Micking had fallen in love with this corner of Spain, bordering the Costa del Sol and not far from Gibraltar. He had fallen so much in love with it that he decided to build a wonderful golf course there overlooking the beach.

While architect Robert Trent Jones made the route, Mc Micking had his own home built not far away. He placed it within a luxury residential complex, Sotogrande, in which other golf and luxury lovers began to settle. Soon, a small community of golf addicts was created.

Over time, this sort of luxury “commune” expanded, bending to somewhat more touristy logics. Nonetheless, it continues to be a destination for anyone looking for a peer community rather than just a place to vacation.

Sun, beaches and 18 holes

Reserva Sotogrande is just one of the golf clubs in the area: within 6-7 km there are four other golf clubs, all with the same love of luxury. Let us focus, however, on La Reserva, at least for this time.

The golf course is 6,700 km long and includes 18 par 72 holes. Those who have played there speak of a course with very wide fairways and greens. Out of 18 holes, 12 feature water obstacles; nevertheless, the 5 starting tees allow you to play according to your level. The strength of this course, however, lies in the immense expanse of water visible from almost every hole.

Views of the sea and surrounding nature are a constant when you play at La Reserva Sotogrande. In particular, the 17
hole is elevated and offers an incredible view of the entire course and surrounding area.

A view that is well worth what it takes to get there to admire it.

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