In Vietnam, golf is played between sea and mountains

When talking about golf in Asia, the first places that come to mind are Japan and China. Yet there is one country that is climbing the ranks of golf addicts‘ favorite destinations: Vietnam. Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, Vietnam was emerging on the luxury tourism scene with high-end camps, natural beauty and good food.

We do not know when the emergency will return. When it happens, on the other side of the world you will find fields nestled between white beaches and mountains, surrounded by endless expanses of tropical forest.

And mosquitoes, lots of mosquitoes.

The most beautiful places are around (or inside) a golf course

Vietnam can be summarized as a long mountain range overlooking the sea. About80 percent of the country is in fact hills and mountains, some of which plunge into the sea, forming an entire archipelago. The many mountains are covered with lush vegetation, crisscrossed by rivers and lakes and intermountain basins. Abutting these are endless beaches, from which you can admire both the crystal clear sea and the green highlands.

Imagine what it would be like to play golf in such a place, especially considering that the most beautiful courses are located in key areas for Vietnamese tourism. Perhaps the most striking example is the Vinpearl Nha Trang Golf Course, where each hole directly overlooks the ocean. In contrast, Taekwang Jeongsan Country Club is located on the beautiful Dai Phuoc Island, half of which is occupied by a national park.

As if the already outstanding natural beauty were not enough, golf is considered a luxury in Vietnam and is treated as such. Each golf course is a jewel of design, designed by the best minds in the world to blend with the surrounding nature. Sometimes the merger is so complete that the holes become home to birds, raptors and other wildlife.

Get ready for an exhausting round. Against mosquitoes

Let’s come to the sore point: Vietnam is a subtropical country, so it has hot and extremely humid summers. Any physical exertion results in a sweat bath, and the further south you move, the worse it gets. To give you an idea, in the summer of 2017 in Hanoi it reached 40°C with 100% humidity. If you suffer a lot from heat, we recommend visiting Vietnam between January and April; from May to September, temperatures tend to exceed 30°C.

To get to the bottom of the 18 holes in a decent state even in summer, we recommend that you take plenty of water and mineral supplements with you. A sunshade or hat can help avoid sunstroke. If you are a person who sweats a lot, bring a towel as well. Above all, abound withmosquito repellent.

In more urbanized areas, there are slightly fewer mosquitoes than in suburban areas. In any case, the humid and hot climate is perfect for these little evil insects, against so you will have to fight. In addition to classic sprays, we recommend that you use long-sleeved cotton garments, which also have the virtue of insulating against heat.

Will it be the future golf capital of Asia?

Given the inauspicious arrival of Covid-19, it is difficult to say how the situation will evolve. Before the pandemic, however, Vietnam was preparing to snatch the scepter of Asia’s golf capital from China. Indeed, since 2009, golf courses have multiplied, and more and more golf addicts have discovered the wonders of this place.

The situation is somewhat in the doldrums: the announced new golf courses are at a standstill, the pre-existing ones are opening amidst a lot of uncertainty. Given the restrictions, clubs are mainly targeting local enthusiasts. It is difficult for all these changes not to have an echo on the future situation of Vietnamese golf as well.

For now, we just have to wait and dream of the white beaches surrounded by mountains on the other side of the world.

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