Looking for a Villa between sea and golf? Leave for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land of wonders, a true paradise for tourists. Here you will find great natural beauty, lots of art and also great food. And then there is golf, crowning a picture that is perfect in itself. In fact, Sri Lanka has a centuries-old tradition in the sport, brought in the mid-nineteenth century by the British.

Would you like to drop everything and move to this land of wonder? Victoria Golf and Country Resort offers you that chance: management is planning to build luxury cottages near the resort, just a stone’s throw from both the wild jungle and the golf course.

Is this not heaven?

Golf, sea and exotic food

In 1891, Sri Lanka hosted the first national golf tournament held outside of Great Britain. In 1896, Governor Joseph West Ridge opened one of the first golf courses in Asia. All this is to say how deep-rooted the golf tradition is in this country, although it caters mainly to the upper classes and tourists.

Golf plays a central role, in Sri Lankan luxury tourism. Agencies organize entire tours focused on golf. Participants traverse the length of the country, through different landscapes and weather conditions. In this way they can discover many glimpses of Sri Lanka and many golf courses, all of which share the presence of breathtaking scenery.

Whether surrounded by mountains or valleys, the sea or expanses of trees, the country’s golf courses are manicured and exciting. There is a very relaxed atmosphere within them, despite the fact that the services offered are of the highest quality. After all, how can you not relax in the midst of such beauty?

Your little piece of paradise

Every year, Sri Lanka attracts more and more regular tourists, people who are now in love with the wonders of this country. That’s where Victoria Golf and Country Resort, a luxury golf resort operated by Troon International, comes in.

Why go to the same hotel every year when you can stay right at home? Thus was born the idea of creating a small neighborhood of golf addict cottages located near the resort. Villas will have all the benefits of home ownership, but without the hassle of juggling a second home. In fact, all bureaucratic and maintenance aspects will be taken care of by a special office so that owners can enjoy their vacations in complete relaxation.

For now, the project includes 16 two-room apartments and a series of cottages yet to be built. Prospective owners will be able to design their dream home, a stone’s throw from one of Sri Lanka’s best golf courses.

Coconut and coffee? No, a golf course

Victoria International Golf and Country Club, also called Victoria Golf Club, stands on an old coconut and coffee plantation. Its 6-mile-and-a-half golf course traverses the almost pristine nature of the place, offering an experience that can be described as therapeutic. While full of challenges, in fact, its holes stand out for their relaxing scenery.

More than once, as you pass from hole to hole, you can’t help but stop and admire the view of the lake, a body of water created by the dam not far away.

Another reason to try this golf course at least once, even without buying an entire villa, is the chance to see the local wildlife. Among the great trees and wild flowers of the jungle move exotic animals, harmless but always ready to pry at what is happening in the field.

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