The golf course? In the midst of greenery and with the spa

For the United States (and beyond) this is a special time. The pandemic has dealt a severe blow to many sectors, most notably tourism. Yet, there is one type of tourism that seems to enjoy excellent health: luxury wellness tourism, which is often complemented by golf tourism.

U.S. golf addicts are flocking to resorts with not only beautiful golf courses but also dreamy spas. Why this phenomenon? What’s going on?

Oasis in the midst of confusion

The phenomenon is less strange than you might think: these luxury golf resorts are often located in remote areas, far from the big cities and hustle and bustle of this period. Guests therefore perceive them as oases in the middle of the green, safe havens in which to take refuge and enjoy their passion. Not entirely wrongly, to be fair.

A fairly emblematic example is the Sundara Inn & Spa, Wisconsin. The resort includes a beautiful 18-hole golf course, private villas, and hiking trails through 32 acres and passes of forest. The nearest city is more than an hour’s drive away, over miles of green space acting as a buffer.

Many golf lovers-but not only, to be fair-are taking refuge in such facilities so they can be more comfortable. According to one of the managers of the aforementioned facility, it has been months since the resort has been 95%-100% full of available rooms. Some golf addicts even prefer to fly to Alaska, a land with lots of nature and few people.

Better to be outdoors

Luxury resorts do not only attract golf addicts, as is obvious: all luxury lovers are attracted to these glittering oases in the middle of the woods. However, it must be said that even those who did not like golf on arrival end up appreciating it by the end of the trip. Indeed, such realities are seeing a flourishing of outdoor activities, at the top of which is golf itself.

Given the understandable fear that is rampant in the world, guests prefer to dabble in activities that involve fresh air, wide open spaces and abundant social distancing. Golf, indeed, is the most popular one, followed by outdoor yoga and walking. Guided meditation sessions, which are also great for golf addicts, are also depopulating: as we have seen, meditating teaches you to play better.

To top it all off are the well-equipped spas, which offer New Age treatments and the like. While they were once niche activities, they are now experiencing a new springtime especially among those who want to control anxiety.

What are the anti-Covid measures?

Social distancing on the golf course is all in all simple, especially if we compare it to other sports. There remains the problem of how to manage common areas and interactions with other resort guests. Aren’t these oases in the middle of the green in danger of becoming new hotbeds? According to those who run them, no.

We have already mentioned the Spanish golf resort that jets guests in. Not all facilities provide a jet as a commodity, but they still minimize possible opportunities for contagion among guests. Some have reduced the number of available rooms, while others have made available online check-in services to be processed remotely.

The most popular solution is definitely to offer small private villas, dedicated to nuclei of “joint” and separate from all others. Once inside, guests can book tee times and treatments without meeting a single guest, in complete relaxation.

Just as if in the middle of the woods there were only them, the spa and the golf course. A safe haven in the midst of confusion.

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