The world’s most beautiful locker rooms are at Seminole Golf Club

We have seen some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, yet we have always overlooked one detail: the locker rooms. In fact, no one is eager to enter Morfontaine or Cypress Point just to see the locker rooms. Those are just a transition area, a place to change shoes and get ready.

Will this really be the case?

Seminole Golf Club boasts what are called the most beautiful locker rooms in the world.

There is no better place to change your shoes

In 1965, Dan Jenkins wrote, “it is quiet, pleasant and elegant–one of the best places in Florida to change your shoes.” It is rare for locker rooms to arouse so much enthusiasm: even the best-kept ones tend to be functional places designed to prepare you for the “good stuff” to come.

In the case of Seminole Golf Club, the “good stuff” starts really early.

As soon as you enter, you can’t help but turn your nose up at the wood-beamed ceiling, 9 meters above you. Despite the size of the room, the environment is warm and comfortable, more like a living room than a dressing room. Perhaps it is due to the wood that covers almost every inch of the walls. Perhaps you have to thank the soft carpeting in which you sink with every step, topped by equally soft sofas.

In several corners of the locker room are bookshelves filled with volumes, most of them obviously golf-themed. Above the bookcases, soar the results of tournaments held at the club, interspersed with stuffed animal heads. The latter will turn some people’s noses up, but they are in keeping with the vintage feel of the atmosphere.

Oh yeah, there are also beautiful wooden lockers in which to leave your things. Each is a true closet, spacious enough to accommodate everything you don’t want to bring onto the golf course.

And at the end of the 18 holes?

Finding a good reason to leave the locker room might be difficult, so we want to help you out. Out there awaitsone of the best golf courses designed by Donald Ross, a treat for the eyes and the mind.

Each hole is a challenge that requires strategy to overcome and that changes with the wind. In fact, the greens are designed to always be approached differently: depending on how the wind is blowing and the angle you choose, it also changes how the hole will present itself to you. This means that the Seminole golf course is always an open challenge, no matter how many times you play it.

And then there are the showers. After all, was it plausible that a locker room such as the one described above would not have showers to match? No, and in fact the showers at Seminole Golf Club are yet another little luxury that makes this place exceptional. The showerheads are large and powerful so that every second in the shower is a moment of pure enjoyment.

A shower for the few

Let’s close with the bad news: Seminole Golf Club is an exclusive club, with only 300 members from around the world. We are not at the levels of exclusivity of the

Cypress Point Club

, but to play (and enjoy the locker room) you still have to know one of the members and get invited. Even so, expect a couple of months of waiting before you can set foot on the green.

The most prestigious member of the club was Ben Hogan, who is said to have prepared here in preparation for The Masters. However, the guests also include actors, presidents and industrialists. The selection is so narrow that, according to some malicious people, Jack Nicklaus would be rejected.

In any case, checking among friends doesn’t cost anything-who knows, maybe you could be the next one to enjoy a relaxing shower at Seminole Golf Club.

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