Till death do you part.” Why get married on (and with) a golf course

You met one sunny Sunday after your canonical 18 holes. You stayed for hours chatting at the golf club bar, comparing each other’s techniques. Eventually you promised to meet there again, this time to play together. Now you are ready for the most important tee time of your life, and it would be nice to relive the atmosphere of that first meeting.

Can you do that? Is it possible to get married on a golf course?

The merits of a green wedding

Let’s start with a big certainty: you and your better half can celebrate your wedding on a golf course. You have to look for a facility that offers this kind of service, but in general there are no problems. It works exactly the same way as when looking for a villa or farmhouse.

Getting married on a golf course, or at least celebrating the wedding, has great symbolic value for a golf addict. Beyond this, a whole range of advantages must also be considered.

  • Elegant simplicity. Traditional grassy golf courses are beautiful places by design. The view offers meters and meters of green hills, with the grass always freshly cut, the trees arranged with exquisite care. Anatmosphere that is as elegant as it is relaxing, ideal for those who want a wedding that is understated yet makes an impression.
  • Uniqueness. How many weddings you have attended have been held on a golf course? The one from the golf addict friends whose idea you stole does not count.
  • Convenience. Unless you have chosen to get married at Golf de Morfontaine (in which case, good luck), golf clubs are in perfect locations for a wedding party. On the one hand, they are surrounded by greenery, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. On the other hand, however, they tend to be well-connected and easy to reach.
  • A start on the right foot. Do you want to put being able to play your first hole as a married couple right away?

What about the ceremony?

Celebrating your wedding on the green is no problem. Can you even hold the ceremony? It depends on the type of ceremony and the golf course you have chosen. It is not possible to hold ceremonies with Catholic Christian rite, which must be held only in consecrated places. There are some limitations for the civil rite as well.

For a civil ceremony marriage to have value, it must be held in a municipal house in the presence of a Registrar. In most cases, this means getting married in one of the City Hall rooms used for the ceremony. However, villas, restaurants, agritourisms, and golf clubs can have an external registrar’s office appointed.

Many municipalities have a section dedicated to civil ceremony locations on their website. Check that the golf club of your choice is in the list. If so, you can arrange a beautiful ceremony overlooking the green.

Tricks for a perfect golf course wedding

Have you found a golf club that allows you to get married and celebrate among its verdant hills? Congratulations! Now all that remains is to plan the wedding and make it unforgettable as well as strictly themed. So here are some small suggestions.

  • Use a golf cart as the bride and groom’s car, perhaps decorated with ribbons and flowers.
  • Use decorations in shades of green to stay in theme.
  • Give golf-themed wedding favors, such as personalized tees or balls.
  • Take photos for the field book, armed with drivers and balls. What could be better than having the two great loves of your life immortalized together?
  • Provide specifics on dress code. Many guests may have never been to a golf club and have no idea how to dress.

Are you ready? The great field of life is waiting for you, ready to play!

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