Who are the most beautiful female golfers in the world?

After looking at the most handsome men in golf, let’s also give some attention to the most beautiful women golfers in the world. As in the case of male colleagues, in fact, constant exercise is a panacea for both swing and shape harmony.

We also repeat what was said in the previous article: the list is inherently subjective. Indeed, the choice of names on the list is beyond the criteria that really matter on the green, i.e., number of wins, number of hole-in-ones, number of birdies, etc.

Cheyenne Woods

Cheyenne Woods is 29 years old and is one of only 6 African American women who have made it onto the LPGA Tour and one of only 3 currently playing on it. In addition, he bears a surname as heavy as a boulder, as he is the grandson of the great Tiger Woods. Yet, she manages to be combative and always ready to put herself on the line.

Cheyenne has only one weakness: mint chocolate chip ice cream. In order to maintain his splendid athletic physique, he had to put it aside a bit and enjoy it only on special occasions. Unfortunately, simple sugars and fats have little place in an athlete’s diet.

Muni He

Muni He’s story shows that beauty can attract different dislikes, even on the golf circuit. In addition to being a golfer, in fact, Muni He is an influencer with nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram and works as a model. In recent years, she has managed to grab the covers of popular golf magazines, thanks to her slender physique and delicate features.

Some malicious insinuate that Lily, as she is called by friends, would rather show off than play golf. She tries to ignore all these insinuations and prepares the best response of all: stand up for herself on the green. Without neglecting one’s style and fans on Instagram.

Paula Creamer

Paula Creamer is one of the best golfers on the LPGA Tour. At 34, she has won 10 tour events and was second in the Women’s World Golf Rankings. At the end of 2019, she was ranked the 10th richest golfer on the tour. In addition to all this, she is also a beautiful woman.

Paula sports a physique sculpted by the many hours of training, hair that falls down her back in soft waves, and an infectious smile. In addition, she has a taste in dressing worthy of a model ready to walk the runways.

Sydnee Michaels

Sydnee Michaels turned pro in 2010, at the age of 22, but it took her a while to assert herself. The golfer first made her mark on the Symetra Tour, the dedicated Amateur and Professional tour. In 2012, she finally made it onto the LPGA Tour. Today he tries to balance family and golf by taking his little girl with him on tour.

Sydnee has the physique of someone who trains steadily, but still soft. On the green, she is immediately recognizable by her somewhat strutting walk and long blond braid peeking out of her cap.

Anna Rawson

Thirty-eight-year-old Anna Rawson turned pro at age 23 after a brief career as a model. After that, she became an LPGA Tour golfer and graduated from Columbia Business School. Today he has somewhat hung up his bag so that he can devote himself 100 percent to his entrepreneurial projects.

Looking at the photos and videos on Anna’s green, her modeling background is not surprising at all. Long legs and a lanky physique are perhaps the first things you notice in the distance. What makes her truly unforgettable, however, are her ice-blue eyes and open smile, present even in the most critical moments on the green.

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