Who are the most beautiful golfers in the world?

Who are the most beautiful golfers in the world?

Deciding who the best golfers in the world are is a mere matter of numbers: number of wins; average distances achieved with drivers and woods; number of birdies per round… When it comes to beauty, however, it all becomes much more slippery.

What are the criteria for deciding who the world’s most beautiful golfers are? Physical performance, almost inevitable for a top sportsman? Regularity of features? Amount of charm contained in each and every smile?

Impossible to say, which is why we will have to use some subjectivity. So enjoy what – to us – are the most beautiful golfers in the world.

Brooks Koepka

ESPN’sThe Body Issue is an annual issue of ESPN The Magazine dedicated to beauty in the world of sports, in which athletes from all disciplines appear nude or half-naked. For the “golf” category of the2020 edition-never completed-was Brooks Koepka himself chosen.

The athlete is rumored to have lost about ten pounds in preparation for the photographs, however, ruining as many as three performances held during that time. Was it worth it? Probably not, particularly because Brooks made a great impression even before that.

Tiger Woods

Despite his 44 years of age and somewhat runaway hair, Tiger still boasts a respectable physique. Credit is due to the many gymnastics he combines with manic workouts on the greens aimed at strengthening his abs, shoulders and glutes. The goal is to have a stable core, allowing him to better control his swings and protecting his spine.

Toned muscles and a flat belly are a welcome side effect.

Adam Scott

Adam Scott has the typical good-guy face: blue eyes, a candid smile that is a bit reserved, and-sometimes-that slightly unkempt beard that always pleases. The fine lines around her eyes and increasingly gray hair betray her 39 years of age, but they also add to her charm. Those, along withexcellent taste in dress and a physique worthy of a Hollywood star.

Again, toned muscles are functional for athletic effort. This does not detract from the fact that the keyword “Adam Scott golfershirtless” boasts some very good numbers on Google since Adam decided to perform a shirtless swing in 2013.

Dustin Johnson

Thirty-six-year-old Dustin Johnson is considered one of the most physically fit Professionals on the PGA Tour, with good reason. His 190 cm height makes him stand out among his colleagues, while his slim, sculpted physique makes him look more like a basketball player than a golfer. Credit? Dustin follows an almost maniacal workout that affects body and mind.

In an interview with Men’s Journal, he said that exercise and nutrition serve him well in body and mind. For this reason, he follows a daily set list of exercises worthy of an Olympic athlete, before and after practice on the green. The results are there for all to see: a sculpted physique and among the longest swings on the tour.

Camilo Villegas

When Camilo Villegas reads the green, he resembles a spider climbing the web: knees on the ground, fingertips in the grass, and face almost to the ground. Of the spider he also haselegance and fluidity, both of which come from the incredible amount of exercise he does every day.

Camilo started exercising when he was in college and dreamed of PGA Tour greens. It was then that he realized that the strength andelasticity given by an athletic physique would serve him well. He then began to train consistently, ride his bike, and eat healthily.

Today, Camilo has a fat mass percentage of about 4 percent and sculpted muscles that, together with his piercing gaze and always somewhat serious expression, make him one of the most fascinating Professionals of the moment.

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