Who are the richest golfers in the world?

Golf is a sport that turns over millions worldwide.

In the highest-paying tournaments

, the first-place finisher can earn up to $5 million at one time. Entrepreneurs like Donald Trump spend up to $269 million, to build

golf courses of extreme luxury

. In short, green is the symbolic color of the sport: the green of grass and the green of the dollar.

How do the Professionals fit into all this? Not bad, at least on some levels. Let’s see together who the richest golfers in the world are and how much their wealth amounts to.

3. Phil Mickelson

The bronze medal goes to the left-handed golfer, the one who

plays left-handed

despite being right-handed: Phil “Lefty” Mickelson. The mock left-hander boasts assets of more than $400 million, of which $82 million comes from wins in five major tournaments. Some of the others are the result of 44 wins on the PGA Tour. What about the rest?

Compared to other Professionals, Phil Mickelson has made relatively little use of his own name. He recently launched a new line of sportswear. What is most surprising, however, is the launch of a brand of coffee for athletes. Coffee for Wellness sells blends that promise to give even more energy, reduce stress, improve cognitive and physical performance, and provide a plus of antioxidants. A true elixir of long life (and career).

2. Arnold Palmer

In second place is the old king of golf, ousted with great difficulty by those who came after him. Arnold Palmer boasts a fortune of $700 million, thanks to victories in 7 Major and 62 PGA Tour tournaments .

With the money he won, Palmer built his own small sports empire. Its agencies are among the best in the world of sports, true hothouses of young talent. Then there are the energy drink brands and Arnold Palmer Design, the company that has designed more than 300 golf courses around the world. Collaborations with golf clubs, golf cart manufacturers, work in television networks should also be mentioned.

Over the years, Arnold Palmer has proven to be not only a great golfer, but also an excellent entrepreneur.

1. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is unanimously considered the king of golf or, better yet, its pasha. To date, he is the richest Professional of all time, with a fortune of as much as $800 million. Does that sound like a lot? Throughout his career, he has earned as much as $1.5 billion, $55 million of which was spent on his mansion with private golf course.

Tiger Woods’ fortune is the result of wins in 15 Major and 82 PGA Tour tournaments , but not only that. Woods’ real strength goes beyond his obsession with golf, which has made him

the Mozart of the green

. The champion possesses an uncommon charisma and ability to appeal to the masses, which has enabled him to build a true brand.

A good part of that 800 million comes from just how Tiger Woods has been able to leverage his image: golf course design, foundations, events, restaurants and bars. He did not just set aside money from victories: he capitalized on it by exploiting his own exceptionalism.

Champions of golf and entrepreneurship

The three pashas of professional golf have one thing in common: they have exploited the image built on the green, some more and some less. In this way they were able to invest the winnings in businesses related to the world of sports but belonging to other sectors. They were not satisfied with what they had already gained: they tried to do more.

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