Cypress Point Club: paradise has only 250 seats

CypressPoint is any golfer’s impossible dream, the Everest of golf addicts-a peak too high for most of us. In fact, it is one of the most exclusive and beautiful golf clubs in the world. Its 250 seats are reserved for prominent politicians, businessmen, and movie stars. There is very little room left for anyone else, and unfortunately, all we can do is look at the photos and dream.

Have you ever tried to play on the ocean?

Sandy Tatum called Cypress Point “the Sistine Chapel of golf,” to give even a hint of its beauty. While not particularly large, in fact, the golf course stands out for the spectacular views its holes offer. The malignant might say that perhaps its potholes are more beautiful than challenging, but let’s not listen to them: the Pacific Ocean wind is itself a challenge, and you realize that right away.

The golf course lies in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains, right at the tip of the Monterey Peninsula. Everywhere you turn, you see only two things: the beautiful cypress forests that characterize the area; the ocean. The fusion of these creates a varied terrain that never bores either the eye or the soul of the golfer.

As much as many complain about the relative simplicity of the holes, come the 16th hole it is all too easy to get the ball into the ocean, swept away by the unpredictable ocean winds. Indeed, like other works by MacKenzie, Cypress Point allows the same hole to be played in different ways and with different levels of difficulty. Needless to deny, however, that the beauty of this field lies mainly in the design.

When you come out of a grove and face the ocean, almost squeezed between the grandeur of the Pacific on one side and the mountains on the other, you forget everything. Scores and strategies lose their meaning for a moment, and you stand there, simply amazed that so much beauty can exist.

250 movie stars, politicians, entrepreneurs

Cypress Point’s hot button is exclusivity. Sore spot only for those who would like to but cannot access it, of course.

There are many beautiful and exclusive golf courses, but few are truly closed like Cypress Point. If you have the right contacts and are really an enthusiast, playing in the most exclusive golf clubs is a relatively easy feat. Cypress Point manages to be inaccessible even for the
golf addicts
with the best contacts, since there are only 250 spots and you need an internal sponsor to access the course.

Would you do anything to play at least once here? Be prepared to make friends with politicians, high-level businessmen, and oilmen, because the guests at Cypress Point are pretty much that. Entry selection is extremely strict and there is a waiting list that exceeds seven years. According to many, it even borders on racial discrimination, since the club to date would have no black members.

The registration fee? It is done Roman style

A first selection is economic, as it is not known exactly how much the Cypress Point membership fee is. From what is known, there is no fixed quota that is always the same. Rather, members share the costs of running the golf course. As a result, in years when there is more work to be done the quota will rise and vice versa.

For example, in recent years members have approved the plan to restore the golf course. The architects will use vintage photos of the potholes as a guideline so that they will be returned to the way MacKenzie conceived them. All this will cost thousands of dollars each, as a matter of course, divided equally by the members regardless of each person’s attendance.

At Cypress Point, jobs are paid the Roman way.

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